John and Kate Rechin’s role as Ministry Communications Partners

We will be joining the EFCA Communications team as ReachGlobal Ministry Communications Partners. As ReachGlobal Ministry Communications Partners we will work with the EFCA Director of Communications to engage EFCA and ReachGlobal’s key audiences in telling missionaries stories and conveying ReachGlobal’s core messages and to support EFCA Communications in achieving its editorial goals. We will collaborate with EFCA Communications to conceptualizes, plan, and manage these projects. Through these projects, the Ministry Communications Partners will function as a conduit between EFCA Communications and ReachGlobal regions, teams, and missionaries to facilitate networking in order to share resources and training.

Because the communications team staff members are limited by time and travel constraints to build relationships with missionaries in the field the purpose of this ministry position relative to our team’s strategic plan will be to focus on caring relationship building in order to seek, develop, and share the stories of ReachGlobal missionaries. We will work to equip these same missionaries through training and support to efficiently and effectively manage their communication needs.