Time Out Of Mind

It was 1990 or 1991, I believe, while photographing in Waite Hill, Ohio, along Hobart Road. Working very slowly with an old 8X10 field camera on a heavy tripod and long forgotten what I was photographing or what became of the negative. The experience I had that day, it is difficult to find the right words to describe it. Everything was absolutely as it should have been, and time seemed to slow, or even stop. I felt right, in thought and action, as if it was meant to be, fixed and unchangeable. Every exploration thru the camera since then has been an attempt to re-capture this experience.

Through all my years of photography, I have learned that prior to the release of shutters and the processing of images; inspired things can be perceived and discerned in that quiet solitude. I want to understand how we recognize, and how we are touched by the natural world. And I am trying to offer a quiet space that will arouse the emotions I felt at the time of creation. Academic formality, intellectualism, and rules of composition are of little value in this realm of beauty. I hope that inner peace, quiet, and lack of concern for specific results will lead into a place of gratitude and balance, that will allow for the participation of grace. There is no big idea here; I’m not trying to tell anyone anything. Just take a look, something is being given.

I do not necessarily visualize complete images, but rather, search for some inner calling. It is my belief that the earth in all its manifestations contains a glimpse of the mystical. Long exposures encode an element of time into the image, capturing a series of moments, compressing time, moving the image towards the sublime.

Achieve the mystery of stillness, and you can experience a dynamic interaction with the life force that goes far beyond intellectual thought and touches the deepest wells of existence. When an image of quality is created, I know it. At those times things are quiet and seem simple again. And I find my reverence for creation that is difficult to express with words. This happens when the external world and my interior world combine.