In July we were able to visit New City Southpark Church in Charlotte. This was the third church we have visited within the EFCA denomination. Each time, no matter the style of worship we are awestruck by the beauty and the freedom of worshiping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It may be different and definitely varied but as the song “The Church’s One Foundation” speaks of Jesus Christ as the one foundation, and he with his blood bought the church. Without trepidation we know that wherever God leads us in whatever country, when we gather with his church we will be welcome and at home.

As of this letter we are done with the Perspectives course, except for the research paper! Rejoice with us that God saw us through the class and how much we have learned these past four months! We can truly say that we wish we had taken this class as new Christians long ago. Thankfully by the grace of God we are still able to learn the hard things and not shy away from our lack of knowledge. It seems God has humbled us in this manner.

The days have flown by and here it is the end of summer. We have much to be thankful for: Praise be to God as we are just over the 70% mark now. Also rejoice with us as Emmett has been picked up by SkyWest Airlines and will start after the new year. This feels like an end of an era since he has been working for Auburn, so it feels like he is still “at university.” But now the next chapter awaits him. God in his faithfulness is seeing him through his next season of life. Please pray for Aidan as he goes back to Anderson University to finish his junior year in the fall. And as he was in a minor car accident recently, pray for all of us as we are dealing with what needs to get done to get his car fixed through the other driver’s insurance. We can all praise God from whom all blessings flow that both drivers were not injured in any way.

As our senders and prayer partners we want this to be a true partnership. How can we pray for you in this season? Please email, call, or text us. We will always respond. Friendships need communication that goes both ways.We are so grateful for all of you who have committed to pray for and/or support us.

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